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Maybe you do not like to be at the forefront. Sometimes you clam up, especially if your opinion is asked. It’s not easy for you to say no. And you have difficulty making decisions on your own. Even with less important choices you can not do without the support of others. Would you like to do that differently? Thanks to your coach, you gain insight into yourself and you work on your assertiveness. You discover where your attitude and behavior come from and strengthen your self-awareness. You become stronger, more agile and more resilient. Your qualities are optimally reflected. 

Developing Assertiveness with a Coach

Assertiveness training can take many forms. Often, it begins with gaining insight into yourself. Who are you, and what factors have shaped your personality? How have past experiences influenced your level of assertiveness? Knowing yourself is essential for developing assertiveness, which involves learning how to stand up for yourself and share your thoughts and opinions. Through assertiveness coaching, you’ll learn how to say “no” when needed, even if it’s challenging. You’ll also discover how to leverage your unique strengths and experiences to make valuable contributions to your organization or other individuals. In short, assertiveness coaching empowers you to be confident and assertive in all aspects of your life.

Looking for a coach through our online portal?

At OnzeCoach, you don’t have to wait to find a suitable coach for your assertiveness training. Our platform provides immediate access to a large number of experienced coaches with an average rating of 9+. This not only helps you to develop yourself, but also contributes to your employer’s satisfaction with their employees.

If you’re seeking a coaching program focused on assertiveness, you can make an appointment directly through our coaching for employees page. Here, you can check if your employer is already registered with OnzeCoach and submit a coaching request without any waiting time. If your employer is not yet registered, inform them about the possibilities of coaching programs at OnzeCoach. We work together to find new perspectives and opportunities, so you can confidently move forward without wasting any time.

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