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Individual coaching

4 | 5 sessions

Empower your employees with 4 | 5 powerful coaching sessions. The solution where each employee can develop on their own level.

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Personalized Guidance

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1. Choose your coaching theme

Over 30 Coaching Themes

 Career Development | Personal Development | Communication & Collaboration | Stress and Burnout Prevention | Financial Coaching



Sometimes you feel that the rubber band is stretched too much. You are no longer able to ‘pull yourself together’. Little things can easily upset you. Your resilience seems to be exhausted and people frequently tell you that you're ...
Executive coaching

Executive coaching

As an executive you have to meet high standards, your job is top sport. How do you stay vital, agile, challenged and effective? How do you deal with the political forces in your organization? And with the expectations with regard ...
Leadership development

Leadership development

Every employee is entitled to a good leader. This applies to all levels, formal and informal. A leader takes responsibility and shapes the goal of the organization. Leaders do not wait, they take initiative. They determine to a large ...

2. Choose a coach

Regardless of your choice, you can be confident that your coach is a highly qualified professional.

✓  Nationwide network of experienced and certified coaches            9+ rating.

3. Choose Your Coaching Format:


In-Person coaching

Online coaching

Combined: In-Person and online

Empower your employees

With effective coaching solutions

Invest in your employees’ growth and well-being with our affordable coaching programs, starting at just €37 per employee per year.

Access a network of highly rated coaches with an average 9+ rating

Empower employees to take ownership of their development with self-directed coaching

Benefit from short, impactful coaching trajectories of 4 sessions

Address any HR challenge with our comprehensive range of coaches, themes, and programs

Enjoy convenient scheduling and real-time insights through our user-friendly portal and HR dashboard

In-person and online coaching

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Empower your Organization for growth and transformation

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