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Claudia coaches you from her open and calm attitude, and sees you from your deepest being, using her highly sensitive power ‘clear knowing & feeling’. That contributes to being yourself in the sessions and during the sessions this is the mirroring and sparring force that supports you in your personal development and growth. Think of coaching themes such as: perfectionism, breaking patterns, getting to know and distinguishing qualities and pitfalls, dealing with people that are difficult for you (both private and business), work / private balance, chronic stress and high sensitivity.

If you want a sustainable change in the area of ​​your life where you are looking for coaching, then you have come to the right place. She coaches you, so that you can really continue afterwards

Based on the set goal or goals, we get started. Often with a questionnaire, which immediately contributes to providing insight into the most important aspects to delve into for growth. In combination with practical situations, we investigate together what growth opportunities can be discovered and which tools offer support in this regard. As a result, the insights gained during the session are directly applicable in practice between the sessions.From time to time we check together about your progress, which steps have been taken or can still be made. This serves the purpose or goals to be achieved.Claudia has a tool box available, which contains learning by doing, which she uses intuitively to contribute to your desired result.

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