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In many studies it has been shown that a sharper awareness and a greater focus on giving meaning contribute strongly to happiness. Yet we keep on running and we do not pay much attention to what is happening in our lives. Do you recognisze this and do you want to change this? 

Together with your coach, you look at your work and life. You observe your thoughts and feelings and their significance for your well-being. Because of this awareness you strengthen the contact with yourself and you are (once again) in charge of your own life. Even if there are setbacks and challenges on your path. 

Unlock your potential: Discover awareness and meaning with OnzeCoach

During a coaching program focused on “awareness and meaning,” a coach will examine your work and personal life with you. The goal is to raise your awareness of your thoughts and feelings and their impact on your well-being. Developing awareness helps you strengthen your connection with yourself and regain control in challenging situations.

Developing awareness means becoming conscious of your own thoughts, feelings, and actions. We often act on autopilot without being aware of the impact on our well-being. Becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings creates more space to make deliberate choices. This can lead to personal growth, self-confidence, and inner peace. A coaching program focused on meaning helps you find answers to questions about life and personal goals, which contributes to more direction and energy. You can lead your life based on your values in your own way.

A coaching program focused on awareness and meaning is suitable for employees who want to invest in their personal growth and development. You may feel stuck in your work or unsure about what you want to achieve in life, or you may want to learn how to tackle recurring problems differently. Coaching can help you gain insights into yourself and your situation and take concrete steps to effect change.

Customized Coaching with Personalized Guidance

OnzeCoach offers tailor-made coaching programs, including practical tools and personalized guidance, customized to your personal situation and goals. Together with the coach, you will discuss what you want to achieve and what you expect from the program.

The coach can use various methodologies and techniques, such as mindfulness, visualizations, and reflective assignments, to help you achieve your goals and promote personal growth. A coaching program focused on awareness and meaning enhances your grip on life and your sense of happiness. You have more insight into yourself and know better what you want to achieve in life. You feel more connected with yourself and your surroundings and have more energy and inspiration to realize your goals.

Find you coach

Find the perfect coach for your personal growth through OnzeCoach. OnzeCoach provides professional and experienced coaches throughout the Netherlands who can help you develop awareness and meaning, whether you prefer online or face-to-face coaching.

Check if your employer is affiliated for employee coaching and start your coaching program immediately.

Claudia Thiessen
Sander Stokkink
Frederike Hollander
Ellen Lesscher
Martine de Troije

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