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Frederike Hollander

The goal of her coaching is to empower you, in addition to self-insight, in your qualities and talents, so that you experience control again and live and work with energy!

Her casual approach and warm personality make you feel at ease quickly and get to the heart of the matter. With the right questions and on the basis of exercises you gain insight into underlying patterns, so that you can break through these and develop new behaviour.

Her heart and strength lies in the development and growth of people. This has always been central to her work, both in her role as a coach and in the past as Business Manager and Talent & Leadership Development Manager within the (corporate) business community. In addition to business knowledge, versatile life experience and highly developed empathy, her working method is practical, reflective and result-oriented.




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Delft | Amsterdam
Personal Leadership | Self-knowledge| Work-life Change
7 jaar

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