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Sander helps you to realize change. Both by deeper insights as well as by experiencing. Thoughts and feelings are involved (again).

(Re)Discover new perspectives, let go of self limiting beliefs, and develop more selflove.

Sander is versatile, knows how to tickle and touch you emotionally where needed, and above all offers you the space to just be. To sit with who you are, and to sit with your thoughts, judgments, and feelings, whilst being supported. We work with both light and darkness; your qualities and your shadow sides.

Every traject starts with clear goals and result areas in work and/or private life. In addition to having conversations, I employ various methods and models, always tailored to you and your subject.

Sander is a senior practitioner-accredited coach (EMCC) and is also a body-oriented trauma therapist.


“Sander is a nice person to get coaching from. Every session was different, and with his openness, humour and warm personality, he managed to get things out of me that were hidden. It also gave me a different view on life, and also on things that happened in the past. I found the tips he provided during the conversations very valuable. I am still grateful that this journey came my way.”

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Leadership | Personal development | Traumatherapy
7 jaar
Professionals | Executives

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