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Nicolette Klaassens

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HAARSTEEG (Noord-Brabant)

Nicolette Klaassens has, in addition to a background as a communication trainer and manager, extensive experience as a coach. She guides (proficient) professionals and managers and likes to work together in a goal-oriented way. Nicolette works for family businesses (SFB / Bavaria) and for larger organizations such as VWPFS, Shell and MSD. She is a pragmatic coach who puts results first and monitors progress. In any case, she does so with “a clear head and a warm heart”. She prefers to work with clients who enjoy translating insights into action, who want to use coaching to move from thinking (reflecting) to doing. She has a passion for effective communication. Her experience is that people who know how to express themselves well have a stronger impact and can use their influence more effective. Nicolette is a suitable sparring partner for clients who want to develop in this area.

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