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Would you like to: * make a career change? * do you want more development or pleasure in your current job? * insight into your dreams and talents? * thinking about how your job fits into your family life? * looking ahead again after your burnout? * feel more confident about your talents? * have a dot on the horizon? * help with the question: ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’, even if you have already been working for years? * searching for your ideal job together? Then Esther is the right place for you to get a grip on your career! Esther is an experienced career coach and HR manager from Haarlem. She coaches professionals who want to get started with a coaching process, to get a grip on their busy life (again). The professional who sees his priorities shifting or who is out of balance due to combining career and family. Esther does this in a practical and relaxed way, but is result-oriented and sometimes confrontational and creative.

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